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Cordfence has a variety of different tools to help you secure and protect your Discord server. This is what each feature does and how they work:

Block Bots

Cordfence uses CAPTCHAs, those puzzles you've seen online, to make sure that users joining your server are real people, not automated bots. When someone wants to join, they'll need to solve a simple puzzle. If they pass, they can access your server; if not, they're stopped.

Setting Type: Toggle (enabled | disabled)

Block Suspicious IPs

Cordfence looks at where users are coming from based on their IP address. It gives each address a score from 0 to 100, with higher scores meaning more risk. If an IP's score is high and thus risky, they won't be allowed to join your server.

Setting Type: Toggle (enabled | disabled)


Enable this setting only if necessary, it will only allow users in with a score below 60.

Block Alt-Accounts

Some users create multiple Discord accounts. Cordfence tracks how many times someone tries to join your server from the same IP address. If it's too many times, they'll be denied from joining your server.

Setting Type: Slider (value from 0 to 10)


We recommend a threshold minimum of 4, as a household shares the same IP address across multiple people.

Block VPNs and Proxies

Cordfence can tell if someone is using a VPN or proxy. It checks their IP address against a database of known VPNs and proxies. If there's a match, they won't be able to access your server.

Setting Type: Toggle (enabled | disabled)

Block Countries

With Cordfence, you can choose to block access from specific countries. It figures out what country someone is in based on their IP address. This means you can decide which countries can join your server and which ones can't.

Setting Type: List (countries)